Management Board Update

openEHR News | April 30, 2017, 2:04 p.m.

openEHR Management Board

Update to April 2017

Elected members:  Ian McNicoll, Tomaz Gornik, Koray Atalag, Rong Chen,

Board of Governors appointment: Sam Heard, David Ingram

Co-opted members:  Thomas Beale, Silje Ljosland Bakke

Industry Partners

Industry Partners

Industry Partners have a listing on the openEHR website, and if you would like to update / add information please email

Welcoming New Industry Partners

New Micro-startup Industry Partners joining openEHR are Operon Ltd, MEDrecord and existing member upgrade by Ricardo Correia.


MIE April 2017

We previously reported that we would be attending this event, but having reviewed the agenda and low openEHR involvement , it was felt that having an exhibitor presence at this event would not be worthwhile. 

Medinfo, China - August 2017 - A number of papers/workshops have been accepted - see for details and please indicate if you expect to attend so we can coodrinate openEHR activities!


India has indicated an interest in adopting openEHR as part of its national standards strategy and we have had some initial interesting discussions with the team responsible.

openEHR China

Prof. Huilong Duan, the China openEHR Ambassador, has provided a full and fascinating report of openEHR China activities in 2016.

Industry News


A consortium led by Core Consulting has won the contract to supply a national summary EHR, which will be used to share patient data across individual Facility EMRs. The Marand EHR platform will be used.


openEHR Organisational Membership

A proposal is currently being finalised and Organisational membership of openEHR will be open to national and regional public organisations, to include representation on the Management Board. We are in discussion with a number of potential organisational members.

New Organisational Member

Nasjonal IKT, on behalf of the Norwegian public hospital sector,  has applied for organisational membership.

Changes to Governance

Members were emailed at the end of last year with details of proposed changes to Governance to establish a safe and minimally complex transitional step towards a fully self-governing openEHR community, which itself wholly owns the openEHR IP.  We are close to finalising arrangements to put this change in place, and will announce further details soon.



Archetype Model (AM) - Release-2.0.6 – issued 7th January 2017


Task Planning draft specification available for review. See wiki page.


REST API specifications under active development.


CKM Archetype license switch to CC-BY-SA 4.0 signed off January 2017

Specifications problem report tracker

You can raise and view open issues via the Specifications problem report tracker




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