Thomas Beale appointed to Board of Governors

openEHR News | Sept. 26, 2016, 1:20 p.m.

It is a great pleasure to announce that Thomas Beale has accepted to become a Governor of the openEHR Foundation.


Thomas has led, and indeed been the driving force in the development of the openEHR specifications - from their earliest days and through many stages of their evolution, based on worldwide implementation experience. His knowledge and commitment will be hugely valued and respected as we continue to work in tandem with the elected Management Board, led by Ian McNicoll and Tomaz Gornik, redoubling our efforts to bring openEHR to the required next stage of a fully self-governing community.


At the September quarterly meeting of the Board of Governors, we also recorded our gratitude and appreciation for the huge service to the Foundation of Jussara Rotzsch, who has resigned as a Governor. Her drive and enthusiasm have been at the heart of openEHR’s progress in Brazil and more widely in South America, for many years. We wish her well and hope she will be able to continue her close association with the Foundation, in the years to come.


David Ingram, on behalf of the Board of Governors

Emeritus Professor of Health Informatics at UCL

President of the openEHR Foundation

Trustee of the OpenEyes Foundation

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