Management Board Update

openEHR News | June 13, 2016, 5:24 p.m.

openEHR Management Board

News Update – May 2016


Elected members:  Ian McNicoll, Tomaz Gornik, Koray Atalag, Rong Chen

Board of Governors appointment: Sam Heard

Co-opted members: Thomas Beale



HEC / MIE 2016

MIE 2016 will be part of HEC 2016 (, a European event being held in Munich, Germany from August 28th to September 2nd 2016.

This conference joins the activities of four scientific disciplines: Medical Informatics (MIE2016), Medical Biometry, Bioinformatics, Epidemiology and Health Data Management.

openEHR Foundation have booked a stand at this event and, which it will run with Industry Partners and others.

The new HIMMS Europe World of Health IT (WoHIT)

HIMMS are holding a new event in Barcelona on 21-22 November.  The event will bring together European health care stakeholders and provide a networking opportunity. 

We are exploring opportunities where openEHR has one of the themes at this event and would welcome your indication of interest and ideas.

Further detail to follow


Strategy Planning

The first Strategy planning meeting of the openEHR Foundation Board was held on 25th May, and outcomes from this meeting will be reported at a later date.


Consideration is being given to providing a new level to our membership structure, allowing for Government, Academic and Non-Industry organisations with an interest in openEHR to be brought into membership.

Academic Research Repository

We have set up agroup repository for openEHR related publications and other related material (e.g. presentations, blogs, videos and more!) using Zotero, a freely available reference manager. From the openEHR website we have provided links to the web-based repository from the Getting Involved/Universities & Research page,  where you can browse/search and view bibliographic information. 

It is being updated regularly, but if you think an openEHR related resource should be there we would appreciate it if you could email us the detail to 

If you have legitimate access to paywalls via your university/organisation you can ask to be added as a member so you can also gain access to full text. The collection is organised in categories – with the first three being:


2)Theses and dissertations


We hope you’ll find this resource helpful and also help us better manage it by letting us know about new material.  If you also use Zotero as your reference manager and would be willing to help us keep it up to date, please email  


ISO13606/ AOM2

CEN/ISO are considering adoption of the openEHR Archetype Object Model 1.0 (AOM 2.0) as part of the CEN/ISO 13606 specifications. openEHR foundation has provided a snapshot of the AOM2 specification at the request of ISO TC215 to be used as the next revision of ISO 13606-2.



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