Management Board Update Jan / Feb 2016

openEHR News | Feb. 26, 2016, 3:16 p.m.

openEHR Management Board

News Update - January / February 2016


Elected members:  Ian McNicoll,  Tomaz Gornik, Koray Atalag, Rong Chen

Board of Governors appointment: Sam Heard

Co-opted members: Thomas Beale



Industry Partners

We are looking to update / add information to our website and have recently emailed Industry Partners regarding this.   We hope to have received and uploaded up-to-date information soon. 

MIE 2016

MIE 2016 will be part of HEC 2016 (, a European event being held in Munich, Germany from August 28th to September 2nd. 

This conference joins the activities of four scientific disciplines: Medical Informatics (MIE2016), Medical Biometry, Bioinformatics, Epidermiology and Health Data Management.

It will serve as an important scientific forum for the exchange of new ideas and applications to strengthen health sciences on a national and international level and we hope to have a significant presence at this event. 


Request for Foundation Endorsement

GEHCO recently asked for endorsement. Following discussion it was agreed that the Education Program should lead further directions in regard to this.

openEHR Japan

We are delighted to announce that the openEHR Japan Association has been formally established as a non-profit organisation and our thanks go to openEHR Japan Ambassador, Shinji Kobayashi and his colleagues for their hard work in getting openEHR Japan up and running.

An inaugural 'Unconference' was held in Kyoto in January 2016 and a copy of their report can be viewed HERE. We look forward to seeing openEHR Japan progress throughout the coming year.

openEHR China

We have recently formally appointed our first openEHR ambassador in China.  Professor Huilong Duan is currently leading the biomedical informatics research group in Zhejiang University and is also one of the leaders in biomedical research in China and participating in several national programs in this area.

Huilong works closely with his colleague Xudong Lu, and we look forward to seeing them progress and continue to promote the usage of openEHR in China.

openEHR Poland


Krzysztof Kulesza was welcomed and formally appointed as openEHR ambassador Poland.  . Krzysztof has many years experience in the healthcare IT field.  In 2013 he became Healthcare Development Manager at Data Techno Park and also started his own company (eR LLC) focusing on openEHR platform implementation in hospital and cloud environment.

Krzysztof believes that the open data approach is the best choice for healthcare IT, offering the best solution and giving most value.

We wish Krzysztof and all new ambassadors much success.


Specifications Editorial Committee (SEC) 11th & 12th February, Stockholm

Copy agenda and actions following the SEC meeting can be found HERE


-        a common openEHR Rules Language and Model will be created in the BASE component, and re-used by ADL2 and GDL.

-        agreed a release methodology for ITS components, including XSDs and JSON schemas

-         agreed to work on a way to add user-defined functions to AQL

-         agreed review of RM Demographic model to clarify standard representation of some typical organisational structures, groups, legitimate relationships etc.

-         agree on OPT 1.4 support in ADL2-based tooling to ease industry adoption of ADL2/AOM2.


In a follow up call it was also agreed:

-         to create a new openEHR Integration component to hold Template Data Schema (TDS) and Template Data Object (TDO) specifications

-         to do RM Release-1.0.4 by end Feb 2016 to address minor errors in Release-1.0.3.



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