Adverse Reaction Archetype Published

openEHR News | Dec. 7, 2015, 1:08 p.m.

Adverse reaction archetype published
The evolution of the archetype from its first iteration uploaded in July 2008 and first ever review in July 2009 through to today has been fragmented with review contributions coming from openEHR, NEHTA and Nasjonal IKT CKMs at various times through the process, culminating in publication in the international openEHR CKM.

This published archetype is the result of activity in each of the openEHR, NEHTA and Nasjonal IKT CKMs and this is definitely our most complex archetype published to date. It is a ubiquitous concept, but implemented in many different ways and contexts, and the added requirement that flexible extensions will be required for aligned activities such as reporting to government or for clinical trial data.

It is anticipated that an aligned FHIR resource will be made available based on the common clinical content collaboration.

An absolutely phenomenal effort from everyone involved!

Now we move on to the Medication family of archetypes - another extraordinarily complex modelling feat that is being coordinated by Ian McNicoll. If you would like to participate please adopt the archetypes you would like to review:

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