Management Board Update Aug / Sept 2015

openEHR News | Oct. 23, 2015, 10:25 a.m.

openEHR Management Board

Update August / September 2015


Elected members:  Ian McNicoll,  Tomaz Gornik, Koray Atalag, Rong Chen

Board of Governors appointment: Sam Heard

Co-opted members: Thomas Beale



19 – 23 August 2015

openEHR supported the recent Medinfo 2015 event held in Sāo Paulo, Brazil as a Silver Sponsor.


Having a dedicated stand at a major informatics conference was new ground for openEHR but was highly successful, thanks to the support from three of our Industry partners - Ocean Informatics, Critical Software and Marand.


The combination of a large number of openEHR- themed tutorials, workshops, presentations, papers and posters and a vibrant atmosphere on and around the stand made the event a huge success for us, in no small part due to the positive mix of researchers, implementers and commercial organisations that has always been the hallmark of our community.


Please check out the openEHR Medinfo2015 wiki page HERE, which contains links to the papers, presentations and posters that we have been able to acquire.


A report from Prof. David Ingram along with some photos taken at the event can be viewed HERE


For those of us fortunate to be there it was an amazing experience and we aim to repeat it at the next MIE conference in München Aug 2016  but even bigger and better next time!


Our thanks go to all those who participated and presented.



New Industry Partners

We recently welcomed two new Industry Partners to membership:- Infinnity Solutions Ltd, Evgeny Agafonov and BPAC inc, Eric Robertson

Localisation Program / openEHR Japan

Shinji Kobayashi, Japan; agreed to join Gustavo Bacelar as Joint Lead for the openEHR Foundation Localisation Program.


We are delighted and look forward to hearing more about plans/thoughts for the Localisation Program, and progress with openEHR Japan.



It has been suggested that it might be worth looking at our current logo and how it might be improved for printing and other media use.   Not high on the list of priorities, but something we will consider over the coming months.


VPH Institute Collaboration

The Foundation and the Virtual Physiological Human Institute (VPHi) are looking at ways to collaborate and establish a strategic partnership for positioning openEHR as the underpinning semantic bridge between computational physiology and clinical data. This approach has the potential to open up new raft of personalised clinical decision support tools and make in-silico clinical trials possible.




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