Management Board Update June / July 2015

openEHR News | Aug. 19, 2015, 1:29 p.m.

openEHR Management Board

Update June / July 2015


Elected members:  Ian McNicoll,  Tomaz Gornik, Koray Atalag, Rong Chen

Board of Governors appointment: Sam Heard

Co-opted members: Thomas Beale


19 – 23 August 2015

openEHR have a booth at Medinfo 2015 and we welcome all community members to help us spread the openEHR method. It will be the biggest ever presence for openEHR in a conference of this calibre.

See this openEHR wiki page for details of workshops, tutorials and paper presentations.


ISO/EN 13606

Koray Atalag to facilitate discussions at Medinfo about future joint working


Industry Partners

NHS England open platform event – NHS England plan to set up a supplier oriented day to bring partners together interested in working on an open platform.  openEHR will form part of this day, to try build an ‘open community’ with companies that are prepared to work together, providing different skills.


Industry Partners Teleconference: Industry Partners teleconference to be arranged after summer vacation period.




openEHR Programs

Principles / Guidelines Document has now been drafted looking at how the openEHR programs could operate and share some common processes (e.g. meetings, coordination etc.) and how to support them to get program activities underway quickly and more effectively, and with better engagement of the wider community.   The document needs further discussion


New Education Program Group

Pablo Pazos and Evelyn Hovenga have agreed to be joint leads of this new group


The group activity will look to build a community of practitioners with an academic or commercial interest in providing openEHR training and education, to include formal education e.g academic courses and more informal training e.g. vendor/industry training.


The group will look at opportunities to share and make public a set of free introductory training materials and resources plus advise the Foundation on possible approaches to formal accreditation of courses and trainers, including options for funding the accreditation process.


Foundation IP-licensing

Heather Leslie, Sebastian Garde and Ian McNicoll have had discussions with IHTSDO about licensing implications of using SNOMED CT terms within archetypes, in line with other groups such as CIMI, FHIR.



Technical / Clinical


Basic dialogue commenced re FHIR-openEHR being mapped together. Koray is experimenting with Grahame Grieve using Condition Resource <> Problem/Diagnosis archetype to see how direct and reference model items align. The idea is then to publish and maintain these on both sites. Work on the joint FHIR/openEHR Allergy archetype is almost complete, pending final review.


Modelling - Specifications Refresh

Recently some issues have arisen around representation of missing information on CKM reviews - there is ongoing discussion at Reference Model level there needs to be some level of generic support (e.g. for safe querying) but exact clinical/modelling requirements needs to be worked out carefully. Koray has called for action to discuss this during Medinfo and then make necessary changes at a SEC (Specifications Editorial Committee) meeting in September.


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