Management Board Update – April/May 2015

openEHR News | June 14, 2015, 3:42 p.m.

openEHR Management Board

Meetings Update – April/May 2015

Board Members:  Ian McNicoll,  Koray Atalag, Tomaz Gornik, Rong Chen, Thomas Beale, Sam Heard


Medinfo 2015

openEHR will have a booth at Medinfo 2015 congress. We welcome all community members to help us spread the openEHR method. It will be the biggest ever presence for openEHR in a conference of this caliber.

Industry Partners

openEHR Application Map  – It was agreed to have a list of apps that would for the interoperable  openEHR ecosystem. This is important for industry members to respond to RFP/RFIs as they usually demand a set of coherent applications, in most cases provided by monolithic vendors. Tomaz sent the telecoms vendor map as an exemplar to look at eco system build / where pieces fit together.


openEHR /NHSE event – Ian spoken with Ewan Davis and Peter Coates at NHSE. They are going to look at setting up a supplier oriented day, get together partners who may be interested in working on an open platform.  Hoping to sort for June.  Meeting will be hosted and funded by NHSE.  openEHR will form part of this day, to try build an ‘open community’ with companies that are prepared to work together, providing different skills.

Industry Partners Teleconference: Industry Partners teleconference to be arranged after summer vacation period. One idea is to establish an openEHR Industry Alliance centred around an interoperable services oriented platform/ecosystem. If a small vendor builds a small decision support component they may not be able to submit tenders with just their component and may need to bring in other components from other companies to complete the tender.  OpenEHR ‘Alliance’ could enable this sort of thing to happen, which would require agreements between companies providing marketing and interoperability proof.

Commercial specific agreements would be needed and it was thought that this would not be appropriate within Industry Partners, but a separate group or as a ‘wing’ of Industry Partners?

Firstly a baseline needs to be established so we will ask vendors about how’s the procurement like in their country, what do they need to help with etc... Tomaz to consider questions and Tomaz / Rong to set up teleconference to get Industry Partners communications going action.

Should we try to become a formal SDO?

Should we be aiming for this, or is it not really beneficial?  Historically been an issue as openEHR considered by national governments as second class as not SDO.  It is down to perception.  Likely to be expensive and time consuming to maintain. Further consideration to be given / ongoing. Tom has communicated with OMG and received feedback. MB will further discuss and follow-up.


Budget / Finances

Expenditure allocation / ‘wish list’ – ‘Wish list’ to look at how monies should be spent / what should be concentrated on. Form created, some items added – ongoing.

Website hosting – paid

Members website app (Wild Apricot) - Does all invoices, PayPal. Reliably sends mailings to members. Newsletters. We know who are members are, and who can vote for what etc. Can lock in the current price (circ. $540/year for 2-years if paid in advance). Lock in price available during grace period from 1 Jun – 31 Aug 2015 and will be taken up,

openEHR Programs

Koray has drafted ideas / guidelines document around how the openEHR programs could operate and share some common processes (e.g. meetings, coordination etc.) for the MB to discuss. The idea is how to support them to get program activities underway quickly and more effectively and with better engagement of the wider community. After internal discussion a meeting will be held with program co-leaders to discuss further.

Shinji Kobayashi and Gustavo Bacelar were appointed as co-leaders of the Localisation Program.

Heather Leslie and Silje Ljosland Bakke were appointed as co-leaders of the Clinical Models Program

The terms of reference for appointing individuals as formal openEHR Representatives in a locale previously prepared by Koray Atalag and Sam Heard has been ratified and then used for designating Shinji Kobayashi as the official openEHR Representative in Japan. Note that there may be more than one in any particular locale (e.g. country, language group).

Formal recommendation letters needs to be sent (to program co-leaders and openEHR Rep). Ian and UCLB to draft wording.

UCLB Contract

Paid.  contract covers: IP protection, management, Foundation reporting audits etc, business association reporting, secretariat processes etc.  Core contract underway based on existing core membership.  Extra members coming on board with extra costs.  See this not as working capital but as core capital of openEHR to keep things ticking over.  This fee due annually. Need to look at what work they are doing and have a list at the end of the year of things done.

Foundation IP-licensing

Clinical Program Leads have been asked to review current archetype licensing (CC-BY-SA) in light of ongoing debate and adoption of namespaces in CKM.  Plan is for them to put together a short options appraisal for Management Board and Board of Governors.  May need formal legal advice at some stage.

Technical / Clinical


A successful Specifications Editorial Committee (SEC) meeting took place in Alkmaar, NL, kindly hosted at the offices of Code24. Meeting report here.


Basic dialogue commenced re FHIR-openEHR being mapped together. Koray is experimenting with Grahame Grieve using Condition Resource <> Problem/Diagnosis archetype to see how direct and reference model items align. The idea is then to publish and maintain these on both sites.


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