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openEHR News | Aug. 18, 2014, 2:12 p.m.

The openEHR Foundation is pleased to announce a number of changes in time for the MIE conference. These changes aim to provide stable, democratic and transparent governance of the Foundation into the future while raising sufficient funds to provide the openEHR community with basic support and advocacy.


The changes are:

  1. Members will be able to nominate and vote for two members of the Management Board. In order to nominate and to vote, Members will need to subscribe to the Foundation for a fee of €15 annually. This will enable streamlined management of Membership and voting and, we hope, avoid problems with process. The fee has been set at a level to discourage subscription to gain votes. We will seek nominations from members seeking to be Board Members prior to Sept 30th 2014 and will vote on the nominations from October 1st or when we have 100 members, which ever is later. Voting arrangements will be emailed to members.

  2. The openEHR Foundation Members website will be managed using software from Wild Apricot and can be found at:
    Please join Koray, Shinji and myself and become formal members of the openEHR Foundation!

  3. The Membership register will also provide a means of keeping tabs on which Members have achieved the status of Qualified Membership granted by the Program leads and are thus able to vote for changes in a program or take on special roles within that program.

  4. Ocean Informatics will give up its role as legal shareholder in the openEHR Foundation and take up a position as an Industry Partner on the same basis as other partners. This will mean that University College London is the sole owner of the Foundation.

  5. Industry Partners will  nominate and vote for 2 Board members and contribute to the Foundation at the following rate:

Number of employees

in Health Informatics          Fee

2-9                                   €1,000

10-24                               €2,500

25-49                               €5,500                                               

50-99                               €8,000

100+                                €13,500

A meeting will take place on Saturday 30th of August immediately prior to MIE in Istanbul to go over these changes and refine any details of the website. Please watch the announce list for details of where this will be. David Ingram and I will send out a more detailed communique on these changes shortly.

Hope to see you soon.
Cheers, Sam Heard
Chairperson, openEHR Foundation 

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