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openEHR Transition Update

December 12, 2012  |  from: Sam Heard

Dear openEHR Members

The Interim Board of the openEHR Foundation has largely agreed the basis for going forward based on the face-to-face meeting in London and feedback from a number of parties. We had planned to undertake elections before the end of the year but have all been too busy to put the necessary processes in place to make this feasible.

At present the Board is:

  • Requesting all Program Leads to develop a register of Qualified Members who can vote for Board Members
  • Holding a meeting of potential Industry Partners to develop a strategy of engagement and the rights and responsibilities of these organisational members
  • Holding a meeting of potential Academic Partners to do likewise
  • Seeking to develop the arrangements by which countries might become National Members of the Foundation and have access to a national Clinical Knowledge Manager instance to develop archetypes, templates and term sets for use in their own jurisdiction as well as keep control of which international assets are used.

The Board will be meeting again soon to assess progress in these areas.

As a result of the London meeting, we have updated openEHR Foundation Moving Forward document and we are interested in feedback from the community to help us move forward. (See links below)

openEHR Interim Board

Other resources: Transition feedback wiki page, openEHR Transition Final Document (PDF, 543 kB)

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