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August 19, 2015  |  from: openEHR Board

The Digital Health World Forum – 8th December 2015, London UK

Over 500 senior decision makers will come together for the Digital Health World Forum, taking place on the 8th December at the Business Design Centre, London. The one day event will combine a comprehensive conference agenda covering key topics including; Data & Analytics, mHealth, Apps, Telehealth, EMR, The Digital Hospital, Patient Engagement, Smart Homes, Wearables and more.

Ian McNicoll, Co-Chair openEHR Management Board is speaking at this event.

Supporting the four themed theatres will be an interactive exhibition featuring many of the leading health technology vendors. To register your interest in attending or exhibiting at this event please visit or call 0333 202 0303.  /   #DigitalHealthWF

Date, time and place: 8 December '15, London UK

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