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External Tools

Required Tools

The only required tools are an external editor and a web browser. You will have both of those, but can change them in the Tools>Options dialog.

Recommended Tools

The following tools are not required, but are recommended for better functioning of the ADL Workbench:

  • Git: if the Git version control command line tools are installed on your machine, you will be able to interact with various remote repositories, including the openEHR ADL 2 test repository, CKM mirror and CIMI archetypes repository. Git can be obtained as follows:
    • Windows: there are two ways to obtain git on windows: 1) if you have cygwin, install it via the normal cygwin setup program; 2) if not, GitExtensions is excellent, and installing it will provide a command line and windows interface to Git.
    • MacOSX: This page provides resources for installing Git on a Mac OS X machine.
    • Linux: Git is probably already on your Linux machine. Just type "which git" on the command line. If it isn't, do the usual: use apt-get. There's usually a bit more to do after installation, so here are some help pages Ubuntu; redhat; Suse. If it's not one of these, well, you're a Linux user, you'll figure it out.
  • Diff tool: a diff tool can be invoked from the test tool in the ADL Workbench. There are various possibilities on each platform, including WinMerge for Windows; DiffMerge for the Mac and KDiff3, which runs on all platforms.

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