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openEHR Day

October 01, 2017  |  from: openEHR Board

openEHR day and Think!EHR™ Platform Dev Days are designed to empower developers who have a thirst for knowledge and want to broaden their horizons on open standards.

The first day you are invited to participate in the openEHR day, where renowned lecturers are going to shed light on the context and future of openEHR, the importance of openness to clinical data in a standard format and how to create a fully open ecosystem that boosts the innovation both locally and internationally.

The following two days, are going to provide FastTracks on Think!EHR Platform designed to enable partners and implementation specialist to quickly gain knowledge on the delivery of Think!EHR Product and openEHR modelling in openEHR environment. FastTrack will provide the attendees to focus on specific product capabilities and to acquire significant technical knowledge of related products that they can leverage full scope of Think!EHR Platform and openEHR capabilities.

Venue / further information to follow, but you can reserve your seat HERE

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